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RORO Services

What is RORO?

RORO is short for Roll-On, Roll-Off. The RO/RO idea was an innovative one that evolved from ferries and now is revolutionizing the transport industry worldwide Overdimensionnal self-propelled/ motorized ( on wheels: trucks, construction equipment, cars, etc. ) cargo is rolled on to this special vessel and then simply rolled-off at destination port.This very simple way of handling your oversized cargo is the safest and cheapest way. Nothing else comes close.
Why? The RORO Operation, contrary to the containerized one, generally avoids all dismantling and reassembly costs and damages. Furthermore, there is no danger of water damage since the cargo is always secured in the vessel's garage-like decks for the entire voyage. These special vessels also carry non-motorized vehicles or non-roadworthy vehicles. If it's not on wheels, it can be put on wheels with the use of specialized equipment. Each week, RORO vessels sail around the world to major RORO ready ports, and thanks to a network of truck, rail, barge and feeder carriers, our geographic scope of operation extends far beyond those ports for your door to door shipments.
AGL knows the best way to transport your valued cargo, utilizing the right equipment. We now offer a total logistics solutions, door to door if needed. Our knowledge covers rolling stock, overdimensional cargo, pre-carriage regulations, documentation needed for each country, and banking, and insurance requirements. All this accumulated knowledge will determine the fastest and less costly method of shipping.


Throughout the years, AGL's special project department has worked with many different types of shippers, carrying a wide variety of complicated shipments.
As the global economy evolves, international logistic solution providers will be more and more important.

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