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"AG Logistics Worldwide Over-dimensional and Heavy Transport Specialists" appears on Alexander Haig's World Business Review TV Series. Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces the appearance of AG Logistics on World Business Review Television series hosted by Alexander Haig.

The episode is currently available for viewing via video streaming at the following hyperlinks:

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Who is General Haig? Click here for his "profile".

General Haig hosts this informative , fast-paced, magazine style, technology and business series. He features topical stories through field reports taped On Location, illustrating solutions to industry problems in its application. This On Location segment is focused on MARITIME LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS. It focuses on the concept that owners, manufacturers and parties that control rolling stock cargo who wish to do business internationally require modes of transport and logistics services for their cargo in order to complete an international sale. Transport must be reliable, cost effective and of high quality as it is a direct reflection of their product. The primary problem is shipping of over-dimensional cargo. Those products which cannot be containerized due to size , weight or configuration. The solution discussed is Roll-on/Roll-off ships for self propelled units and mafis for breakbulk ,that is over-dimensional and heavy units. According to AG Logistics: "With Ro/Ro ships the cargo is subject to less physical handling and the need for costly dismantling and reassembly can be virtually eliminated."

World Business Review may also be viewed on PBS The Business & Technology Network, United Airlines, or through the video on demand via Yahoo! Broadcast. Additionally, WBR airs on local affiliates of major television networks (ABC, CBS and FOX) throughout the United States. WBR's continuing education series is being used in a variety of business and technology courses within the Business School libraries at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Notre Dame, Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, University of Florida, and the City University of Hong Kong, among other distinguished institutions of higher education. Videotapes or continuing education systems (via Indiana State University).


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